Queens Award

Mike Riding and Jonathan Cook from Pi raising the Queen’s Award for Enterprise flag

Pi has been awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for International Trade and the other for Innovation.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade

At Pi we don’t have ‘customers’ and ‘export customers’, we just have customers. Every customer who buys our products and sensors is special to us, but today, April 29th, 2021, we are particularly celebrating our customers who live and work outside the United Kingdom.

Why? Because today, Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade. Every year, the Queen’s office in London evaluates companies in the UK who have shown particularly merit worthy growth in sales to other countries and Pi has been selected to receive this award which it can use in its own marketing for the next five years.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise – Innovation – Goes to CRIUS®!

Pi has been developing its CRIUS® controller since 2005. There have been 3 changes in form and hardware, 9 smaller changes in hardware and more than 50 firmware releases in that time culminating in the CRIUS®, possibly the world’s most advanced water quality instrument controller. With more than 500,000 lines of code, the CRIUS® is leading the field in capability, from PID control algorithms to all MQTT comms packages and world leading remote access solutions.

Every year the Queen’s representatives evaluate innovations that are truly worthy of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) and the CRIUS® is one of those few innovations.

Queens Award

Mike Riding’s 32 year-old Queen’s Award for Enterprise dream comes true

The Queen’s Awards are the UK’s most coveted business awards as they are awarded by Her Majesty, The Queen to businesses that are most deserving of recognition.

Process Instruments is one of just five companies in 2021 to be awarded more than one Queen’s Award and have earned the right to display the Queen’s Awards logos for five years.

Being awarded both awards in a single year is especially pleasing. Managing Director, Mike Riding said:

“Winning two Queen’s Awards highlights Pi’s commitment to Innovation and also to International Trade. Brexit and COVID-19 can’t keep Pi down and these awards are as much for our customers and partners who enable us to do what we do, as it is for Pi. To everyone who supplies parts, builds, tests, programs, sells, buys, uses, and maintains the approximately 10,000 CRIUS® out there in the world, we would like to share this magnificent award with you, and without our partners in individual countries, we wouldn’t have won so to all Pi’s partners around the world… THANK YOU!”

Contact Process Instruments today!

Pi is proud to be recognized as a global provider of water analyzer instruments. If you would like to learn more about the leading services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact a dedicated member of the Pi team today.

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